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HO’OMAU RANCH Eggs:  Free range, organically fed, Happy layer hens: Eggs are farm fresh and not fertilized. $5.00 a dozen.  Please call/text/email Keala @808-392-0621  Thank you for supporting your local farmers.


Hoomau Honey 3.16.17

HO’OMAU RANCH Certified Organic Honey coming soon: A sacred gift from Pele (Mother Earth), this rare, light colored organic honey is excellent when added to herbal teas and your favorite recipes.  The unique crystallization of this honey portrays the magic of the bees.


HO’OMAU RANCH Macadamia Nuts coming soon: Bag and buy.  Contact Keala for more information!


HO’OMAU RANCH Hawaiian Salt coming soon:  Our Hawaiian Salt is a blend of Pacific ocean sun dried sea salt and our own specially derived salt made with pristine waters pumped up from depths of over 2,000 feet off the island of Hawaii.  This ice cold, contaminate-free water is then dried in salt beds and made into a pure course grain wonder.



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